The Pike Anglers Club  will work to establish an environment in which pike are valued: both as a sporting fish and necessary part of the management and ecology of fresh waters.


Welcome to PikeOnlines, the digital version of the exclusive members magazine.

The online issue is essentially exactly the same as Pikelines, with the exception of the interactive content, which, going forward, will include videos. The PAC will be investing in video equipment, and producing a number of educational videos, which will undoubtedly help us drive our pike conservation forward. All email addresses and advertiser website addresses are interactive, so simply double click on them to be sent directly to the site or to the email address.

At this early stage of the PikeOnlines trial we are using the same layout as Pikelines, which makes the text that little bit too small for a digital issue, but please note that if you move your mouse over the page, you can click and the page will zoom in, making the text much easier to read. Once finished, simply click on the page again and it will zoom back out. To turn a page, simply click on the bottom corner of the page or use the arrow that appears half way up.

We hope that you enjoy this new facility and would welcome your feedback, either on the forum, or on our Facebook page. The current issue is the 3rd edition of PikeOnLines and is every bit as good as the previous 2.

PikeOnlines is available to PAC members only normally. However the first issue has been opened for public viewing to showcase this fantastic e-zine. Click on the link for a taste of the PAC members magazine PikeLines.

Click here to view the Public issue.